Post Christmas Blahs—New Year’s Hopes

After the adrenalin-charged, high sugar peak of Christmas has passed, we enter into the post-Christmas blahs–a time when a little depression sets in, a time when we reflect whether all that rush to the 25th was really worth it, a time when we become a bit nostalgic as we put away those once-a-year heirlooms that we have carried from our past.  Is that all there is?  It came and went in a flash, like Santa’s mystical reindeer!

Yet, in the cycle of life, post-Christmas doldrums give way to New Year’s hopes and dreams as we ring out the old and ring in the new!  In my family the New Year’s Eve tradition was that the youngest left through the back door and entered the front door with a loaf of bread and a few coins to go under the statue of St. Joseph (the protector)—a ritual to symbolize new life entering with enough food and sufficient funds for the New Year.

As we enter the season of hope here is a prayer video offered to us by our Brothers of the Midwest District:

Have a blessed and healthy New Year!

Brother Frederick