Hope Rising from Rubble

In just over 2 and one half years after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, the doors of the St. John Baptist de La Salle School opened in October 2012 as the teachers welcomed grades K-2. For the 2013-14 school year, enrollment has more than doubled to 200 students and three grades have been added. Many of the students are from a nearby orphanage because their parents either died in the earthquake or are homeless; some of the students are HIV positive.  The plan is to continue adding a grade each year, as well as providing a Mother-Child Health Center.

haiti mothers

 This is a Lasallian school–La Salle Academy’s brother school!

Despite the success of this new school, much still needs to be done for the children and families of Haiti devastated by the earthquake and our help is needed:

  • $200. 00 supports a student’s tuition for a year.

haiti boys

  • $75.00 provides a student his/her uniform and educational supplies for a year.

haiti girls

  • $100.00 provides much needed classroom supplies for both the teachers and the students for a semester,
  • $200.00 provides a salary for a Haitian certified English teacher
  • Electrification of the school for evening adult education classes (Cost to be determined)
  • Morning Breakfast program (Cost to be determined)

We can help next Friday (January 31st) through our Dress-down Day designated as Hands Out for Haiti Collection.  A minimal donation of $5.00 is asked for the Dress-down Day.  $11,000 would allow us to provide tuition, uniforms and school supplies for 40 De La Salle School students!!

haiti buiding

This truly is a story of hope rising from the rubble of despair.

Brother Frederick Mueller

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