First—Seek the Kingdom of God

(Prayer offered for the school community on the Public Address system of La Salle Academy on the morning of 28 February 2014)


Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God

Are you a worrier?  Do you sometimes find yourself lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, obsessing about what might or could happen, replaying scenarios or conversations in your mind?  You know what I mean—the kind of mental gymnastics where you fret and agonize  over decisions made and words said. Sometimes a combination of exhaustion and busyness can set this off.


This Sunday’s Gospel reading from Matthew has Jesus telling his disciples not to worry about their lives, about the clothes they will wear or the food they will eat because tomorrow will take care of itself.


Jesus’ words are more than a trite, “Don’t worry. Be happy,” however. Jesus tells the disciples, “No one can serve two masters” and that they are to seek first God’s kingdom. Everything else will follow.


Jesus’ words underscore the kind of radical trust we are invited to live in, a trust that challenges us to place our lives completely in God’s hands, to remember that there is much we have no control over, and to reorder our lives, reexamine our priorities in light of the gospel.

So this morning think about what’s stressing you out or making you anxious. I invite you to pray with me:

hands reaching out from Jesus to Jesus

Heavenly Father
I give you the worries and concerns of my day.
I place them down so that you can take them.
In return, I will try with your help to do some good today—
To give a little, be a bit more kind, see someone in need and reach to.
It is my small part.
It cannot change everything.
But it is my way of bringing your love to others.
Help me to remember I have no control over results or reactions.
Give me the courage to do good anyway.

St John Baptist de La Salle: Pray for Us
Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever!


Christine Estes (Campus Minister)



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