Celebrating our Uniqueness

During this week and next the school community of La Salle Academy is holding a series of events to celebrate our uniqueness in our diversity.  The Academy’s Mission states in part: “The school strives to create a vital community where its students, coming from varied socioeconomic, ethnic, and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, and acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of all. “

Earlier this week students participated in events surrounding “End the R…Word–Spread the Word to End the Word.”  Students from the PEGASUS 10-12 program (a program for gifted students) who are working on projects involving Special Olympics and students who are part of the school’s “Best Buddies” group who link with young people from the Meeting Street School led the events.

School opened on Tuesday morning with a short prayer followed by a video created by Senior Molly Anthony.


On Wednesday morning school prayer also centered on the personal sensitivity needed to recognize the gifts of people different from us, particularly those with physical and intellectual disabilities.  Joseph Spirito,  a Junior, created a video that was shown throughout the school.


During the lunch period students signed a giant petition vowing to stop use of the “R…word” and to discourage others from use of the word which has become so hurtful.  Some students also received tee shirts to mark the event.


tee shirts

On Tuesday evening, March 18, La Salle students will celebrate “The Event–An International Celebration.”  A group of parents, teachers and students have been planning the event for a few months  (members of the School-wide Diversity Committee) as a way to call attention to the rich diversity of ethic and cultural heritages present at La Salle Academy.  The event will feature ethnic food, dress, and entertainment.

La Salle Academy has much to celebrate and, during this Lenten season, has reason to remember the Gospel injunction (Gospel of today, Thursday of 1st Week of Lent): “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


Brother Frederick Mueller


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