What Are We Thankful For?

(Prayer offered on the Public Address system for the entire La Salle Academy educational community on Monday morning, 23 November 2015)

Good morning.
Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of a loving God.


When you ask what La Salle has offered me,
I would simply answer: family.

Entering these doors we had no idea what was to come
But as we grow, we are grateful what La Salle has allowed us to become.

From outside, the school looks fancy, esteemed, and bold,
But the greatest thing about it is the people it holds.

I am grateful for La Salle showing me who I want to be,
Grateful for the fact that in these halls friends are all I see.

Family does not solely pertain to the blood that runs through my veins,
Rather those who stand by me through my joys and my pains.

Mr. Skelly, White, Tanski, Pereira, Fio, Hall,
Ms. Murphy, Cerros, Frega, Carlino, Ricci, Wahl.

Teachers and guides that have formed us each day,
Bestowing lessons we shall carry when we move away.

Here each unique soul has its own special place,
Whether it be on a field or by a bookcase.

The athletes find a family in their teams,
helping each other to reach their dreams.

Musicians with their beautiful voices, talents, and harmonies
Come together to cheer on La Salle with their symphonies.

Math lovers solve complicated equations with Mr. Mac,
Bright minds competing and problem-solving, never showing slack.

Photographers catching each moment with a bright flash,
Artists drawing intricate faces down to each eyelash.

Actors teach lessons as they project across the stage,
Tech rushes around quieting those backstage.

All students coming together just to serve
The good in the world is the Lasallian duty to preserve.

With love and charity we send our students into society,
Our hearts humbled and touched with an important piety.

Through all we do we look up to God,
By the loving community here I am constantly awed.

Now it comes to the authors of this prayer,
Just another little family at La Salle with talents to share.

The lovers of literature write in 309A,
Their words bringing laughter and inspiration to the day.

Voices Ink was the saving grace,
For one girl who sought a creative place.

Where all of the Bradburys, Lovecrafts, and Poes,
Can come forth to share their joys and their woes.

Thank you for allowing my creativity
To find a home where it can always be.

This community filled me with unshakeable glee
And showed me who I want to be.

In this school I’ve found a home
When I thought I’d always be alone.

In this place, after so long
I finally feel like I belong.

Here lives Jesus in our hearts,
And he’ll stay even when LSA we depart.

La Salle is a place I am grateful for each day.
So now I call you to reflect: what are you thankful for today?

Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?

Let us pray…

God, thank you for everything you have given us. We thank you for the community that we are blessed to have, and we pray that you help us spread the lessons we learn and the love we feel here when we walk beyond these walls. Allow us to never forget to acknowledge all the things that we have to be grateful for, and to always take the time to say thank you.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle… Pray for us.
Live Jesus in Our Hearts… Forever!

Members of Voices Ink–a student group of writers (Each member of the writing club contributed a couplet and Sam Kennedy, one of the Senior moderators of the club, finalized the poem and added the reflection at the end.)

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