The Walking In Between

(Prayer offered on the Public Address system for the entire La Salle Academy educational community on Tuesday, 21 March 2017)

Let us remember we are in the holy presence of a loving God

Any person who knows me or was ever forced to spend anywhere from 3-7 minutes in my presence knows I sing and dance ALL the time. I’m not a good singer by any stretch of the imagination but I am very fascinated by lyrics and trying to decipher what they mean. My favorite singer is a man by the name of Ben Rector. I had not heard a single word about him until my sophomore year, when the alphabetizing gods aligned and Mr. Ricci unknowingly sat me next to my good friend Jared for World History class. After spending many days talking about Ben’s greatness, he suggested I go home and add him to my Spotify immediately. As I browsed his music, I came to a song titled “I like you.”  It was in this song that I found the quote that now hangs above my bed. It reads, “Life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between.”

And I know that this may seem like a simple message but to me it resonated more deeply. You see this quote will mean something exceptionally different for every person in this building. All of our mountain tops may be similar: graduations, birthdays, state championships. These are the “big” things in life, the ones we tend to remember and reflect on. We often spend so much of our time and energy focusing on these mountain tops that we forget all about the best part: the walking in between, the common day to day efforts that eventually lead us to our goals.

Seniors graduating this year, think of the people who helped you achieve your goals, your big things. Think about all the work, the perseverance and the joy that went into making it to the mountaintops. This is where the real beauty of it all lies. Every person needs a cause in order to produce any type of effect on the world.  We all need a reason for being and I certainly have found that reason through La Salle and everything that I’ve learned here. Looking across the caf I’m taken aback by the things that people in this building have taught me, whether it be that you gave me an extra pencil (my loyal locker neighbors) or you gave me the best friendship I have ever had.  So to those friends in homeroom listening right now, I want to thank you.  I, like any human, tend to mess up a lot. If it weren’t for this messing up or the people helping me through it each day, each year then I certainly wouldn’t be where I am.

Those who helped likely forgot that they even did these things, or were so impactful. There are underclassmen who have taught me the importance of pancake art and spike ball. There are teachers who have stayed after with me, responded to my confusing emails and done everything in their power to make sure I reach my goals.  These are the things I’m most thankful for.

I challenge each one of you to think of all the little, often overlooked things you cherish from a friend, teacher, family member or whoever has been there for you on a random Tuesday when you need it most. These are the people who will be there to see you walk across that stage and onto your next trail.

I also challenge you to think of the little ways in which you can help others reach their next mountain top. It is those who endure the walking in between with us that will stand proudly with us at the top of mountain and smile.

Let us Pray.

Lord, remind us to embrace even the most typical of days and encourage us to find the strength within ourselves and each other as we make our own respective journeys up the mountaintops. May the walking in between be ever so lovely.


Saint John Baptist de La Salle…Pray for us!

Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!

Abby Almonte–Class of 2017