Moms In Prayer

(Prayer offered on the Public Address system for the entire La Salle Academy educational community on Friday morning, 11 May 2018)

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of a Loving God.

I would like to tell you about some people of whom you probably have never heard.

More than 20 years ago, when my sons were students here at La Salle Academy, two mothers came to a PALS meeting to talk about a prayer group, called “Moms in Touch,” now “Moms in Prayer,” which they hoped to start at La Salle.  “Moms in Prayer” is an international, non-denominational group.  Although comprised mostly of mothers, it can include others.

The purpose of the group is to pray for the school, its administration and faculty, staff, and, most importantly, its students.  They pray that God be with us, blessing all the school’s endeavors, whether academic, extra or co-curricular, sports, or social events.  They pray that each of us is here because we want to and should be here, and that we become an integral part of this wonderful community. They pray that each of us recognize the path God wants us to follow, and that He send His Holy Spirit to guide us into and keep us in that path.  They pray that we are granted the courage to endure the hardships we face, and be grateful for the gifts we are granted. They pray that Jesus is with each and every one of us, students, and adults as well, on this campus.

That is its sole function, and I can attest to the truth of this from personal experience.  Given the ever-changing nature of a school population, of course, many different mothers have come and gone over the last decade. But, for 23 years, there has ALWAYS been a group of moms who is willing to devote a bit of time each week on our behalf.

My past days as a part of “Moms In Touch” have left me with a very strong and vibrant image of Jesus, dressed in brilliant white flowing robes, a beaming smile on His face, arms thrown wide, as He strides through the school’s halls, peeking into classrooms, stopping to rest His hand on the shoulder of each person here who needs His loving touch at any given moment.

When you are having a particularly difficult time, or day, or just bad moment, as we all do, remember that there is always someone “extra” here, praying for your constant well-being.

Let us pray.   Lord, Jesus, help us to remember that we are loved and cared for, not only by You, not only by our families and friends, but also by loving and generous people who don’t even know us as individuals.  We pray for them in turn, and ask that they may always be a force of love, of strength, of compassion, though their identities may remain unknown to us.



Connie Ciampanelli–Secretary (Office of Guidance and College Counseling)

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