The Lasallian Community – School is Open!

La Salle Academy is all about community.  It is all about the family that we build on a day to day basis during the course of the year.  How well we build that community determines the depth of the experience and the quality of the exchange among us.  First and foremost we are a community of believers.  Our school values and building principles are grounded in the belief of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He alone is our Savior and our guide.  Our school is part of the teaching and mission of the Catholic Church.  We are a Catholic school, a Lasallian school that lives according to the vision and teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and that implies certain values and standards as well.  We are a Catholic and Lasallian school that embraces and welcomes persons of other faiths and perspectives.  We welcome all into our community.  We avoid clichés and stereotypes and we not only accept the differences among us but rather we embrace and value those differences.  Those are the givens that form the foundation on which our school is built and through which our school functions.  That is the core of our community of believers.Image result for Lasallian community

Our school is a community of learners.  All in the community, adults and students, learn from each other and together explore the teachings and wisdom of the great minds and issues that the curriculum places before us.  Each day as learners we strive to grasp concepts once foreign to us, conquer cyberspace, create beautiful music, and allow our imaginations to take us to places we thought beyond the realm of possibility.  Each day we get caught up in the intricacies of a mathematical equation, the beauty of a poem, the quest for the solution to a science experiment, the simple joys of the environment and getting ones hands dirty gardening and watching that little seed grow into a thing of beauty . . . Each of these experiences somehow creates a sense of wonder and awesomeness if we are open to letting it happen.  Let it happen!

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Each of us brings to these communities of learners and believers our gifts and talents and the unique person that God intended us to be.  Allow me to repeat that EACH OF US IS THE UNIQUE PERSON THAT GOD INTENDED US TO BE.  Jesus tells us to love one another as He loves us as we are and who we are.  Today we begin a wonderful journey together.  Where will this school year as a community of learners and believers lead us?  That will depend on each one of us and the community that we create together.  Right now the slate is freshly clean and new for each of us – the story that we each create is what will be written on that slate come June 2020.  May each of our stories, those we create as individuals and those we create as a community together, have wonderfully and meaningful endings and let us pray that working together, living and being together that we can create something truly special … TOGETHER WE CAN. . .

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Let Us Pray

Heavenly Father, we pray that the hope and prayer of your son, Jesus that “we all may be one” be fulfilled in us this day as we live together, work together, take risks together, face challenges together, and rejoice together.  Come, Lord Jesus, send Your Spirit into us to make us one in You and in all.  Amen.

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