What is the Meaning of Christmas?

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God

There is something intangibly magical for a kid at Christmas. Everyone knows what it feels
like to be a kid on Christmas Eve, searching the starry winter sky for a flying sleigh and tossing
and turning all night in anticipation for the morning. I remember it so clearly, seeing the bites out of
the cookies we left out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, and feeling the world fill with magic.

As I got older, obviously the Christmas experience changed from those nights dreaming of
Santa. Still, even though I’ve grown, every time Christmas comes around the magic I felt as a kid
never fails to raise my spirits. The only difference is that my magic of Christmas, like me, has
grown. As a child I always got caught up in the idea of gifts and elves and Santa, but the older I
got the more magic I found in the giving . This year especially, as I have taken over most of the gift
giving for my mom, I have found so much joy in putting in time and effort to make her Christmas a
little more special. This season always seems to make people give a little extra, whether that be
their time, kindness, service, or even an extra present.

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No matter what it is, it seems that Christmas
magic is always there to lift people up and bring them together. That being said, I think that for me,
Christmas is all about the magic. No, I don’t mean the magic from when I was a little kid, though
that was great while it lasted. I am talking about the magic of giving, when people go out of their
way to give a little back or to appreciate all that they have. That’s what I think is the real meaning
of Christmas. So, make sure that this season, among the gifts and the hecticness of it all, you take a
moment to take a breath and a step back to recognize where the spirit, the real spirit of Christmas
comes from. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and Happy Birthday Jesus!!
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St. John Baptist de La Salle …Pray for us!!

Live Jesus in our Hearts …Forever!

Morning Prayer Wednesday, December 18, 2019:  Marina Rouse, Class of 2020