Let God Handle Some of the Load

Good Morning La Salle. Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of a loving God.

I am a worry wart! My kids tell me that all the time. I worry about a lot of things. I worry about my adult children and how they are feeling and how their work is going. I worry about my grandkids and if they are happy, healthy and safe.

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I worry about my job sometimes and if I am giving it my all and reaching my students. And the list goes on…

It is human nature to worry or become fearful when life is in turmoil or out of control. I am sure that we are all worried about the state that our country is in right now and how the Pandemic has affected us all.

We all know someone who feels the need to be in control of everything so that they only rely on themselves for everything. I often wonder if they know how to let God handle some of the load they are carrying.

I sometimes think that there must be a storm going on inside of them as they try to handle the chaos of their lives. All of us have times when we see ourselves in that position. Our hearts are restless and our minds are full of anxiety.

We see and hear about upsetting stories every day that talk about turmoil some people have to endure. We see so many lives being lost to the Covid Pandemic. Four Eye-Catching Quotes

Whenever I hear about yet another  shooting, my thoughts go immediately to the compassion I feel for the victims BUT then my thoughts go to the shooter and what kind of turmoil and  raging storm is going on in their mind. 

When life feels heavy, it’s only natural to long for a sense of control. Our souls seek calm amid the storm; peace among the chaos. And yet, with each new day, we turn on the news and see another upsetting story unfolding halfway across the world or right in our own backyards.. 

The human need to somehow make sense of it all runs deep, even when the things that worry us are much bigger than ourselves, and our ability to control them feels non-existent.

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We need to be secure in the knowledge that God is in control. He has His hand on us. The power of prayer can be strong, whether we’re facing inner turmoil, conflict at home, or anxiety about the state of the world around us. For that reason, prayers for peace can bring us comfort in times when nothing else will and center our spirits by reminding us that paving a path towards a peaceful world starts within ourselves.

Lord we ask you to make us instruments of Peace in a world of chaos. We ask you to help us rely on the knowledge that You are with us always.


We pray this in Jesus’ name…

St John Baptist de Lasalle…Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our hearts…. Forever.

Morning Prayer: Mrs. Patricia Ducharme, Religion Department