Believers Who Are Resilient Never Stop Turning To God

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God.  

Reflecting about this past year…where do we even begin. 

Teachers – would you have ever imagined that you would be teaching your lessons via something called zoom? 

Students – would you ever think that we would have to learn a hybrid style return to school where your friends would be on the opposite day as you?

– Just the thought of sweating with the horrid masks on.Zoom Class Stock Illustrations – 691 Zoom Class Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

The challenges of this past year have truly been like no other.  

We as Lasallians adapted, persevered and continued to turn to God to help us strengthen our community.  We proved and will continue to prove how resilient we are. 

Why the term resilience?

Resilience Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraphResilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties and bounce back.  Well, next year is OUR year to bounce back.  We will accomplish more, serve others, and be more appreciative of our time with each other.  We will win State Championships, we will have more Drama productions, we will get more involved in clubs, we will support our classmates at their sports games, we will improve our grades and we will have more joyful times with each other.  We will show our resilience by coming back better, stronger and more unified! 

Believers who are resilient never stop turning to God.  

Let us Pray – Dear God, thank you for the community within La Salle.  We are grateful for the resources you have been gracious enough to provide for us and we ask that you continue to lead us on our unique paths.  


Saint John Baptist De La Salle… pray for us

Live Jesus in our heart… forever  power of the holy spirit clip art - Clip Art Library

Enjoy your Summer La Salle.      

Marc Marandola Jr., Class of 2022