All Shapes–Colors–Sizes

(Prayer offered on the Public Address system for the entire La Salle Academy educational community on Tuesday morning, 15 November 2016)

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God


I think the best way to start off this prayer is with a cheesy and overused quote.

People come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Let me say that again.

People come in all shapes. Colors. And sizes.


When I was little, my mom used to take me to a park after school. And one day, I found myself playing with a girl who had a skin pigmentation disorder. So, my naturally loud, outgoing, and very questioning self, without any knowledge of the word “Rude”,  went up to my mom, and asked:
“What’s wrong with her skin?” …

I was six years old, and innocently asking, just like any other kid would. But I was loud enough that the girl and her mother turned to look, waiting for my mom’s response.

And this is what she said.

“Madeline, God makes people in all shapes, colors and sizes, with all different gifts. And her gift was beautiful skin.”


I can’t imagine what that girl has gone through, or even still going through, today.

Is she confident in herself?

Is she happy?

It’s sad to think that society today body-shames everyone into this idea of an “Ideal” beauty. The problem is that the standards are unrealistic and unachievable at best and at worst can be a tool we use to be self-abusive, sexist, and shallow.

We are so forcefully pressured into wanting This Ideal that society has created an entire generation of people who are uncomfortable with their own reflections in the mirror.


Think about this:

Society’s forced idea of Ideal beauty changes as fast as the seasons.

Meaning, over ALL the time humanity has existed, it still hasn’t found and established a set idea of what beautiful actually means.

This is because there is no standard for beauty.

Beauty is not something you can learn from a magazine. Beauty comes from the soul.

And since I don’t think I’ve met a person without a soul, I guess I have enough proof to say:
Everyone. Is. Beautiful.

Real Beauty Analogue Hand-Lettering by Yaansoon Illustration

Let us pray.

Dear Lord, help us to realize how beautiful we really are as individuals, and to see the beauty in the people around us, and the world we live in, every day.


St. John Baptist de La Salle— pray for us.

Live Jesus in our hearts— Forever.

Thank you, and

I hope you have a day as beautiful as you are.

Madeline Hopkins–Class of 2018