Being Lasallian Comes With Great Responsibility

Let us remember we are in the holy presence of a loving God.

As I finished a run last spring, an unfamiliar mail carrier called out to me from across the street-mailman

“La Salle Academy! Great school!”

I looked down and realized I was wearing a La Salle shirt.

“Class of ‘03!” I yelled back.

“76!” he replied.

“No way. My dad graduated in ‘76,” I said. “Francis Smith.”LaSalle Academy tax break under fire

“Francis Sm…oh my God you look like Francis!”

I laughed because…it’s true.

And as I walked up my front steps, I flashed back to a moment …to something my father said to me in our living room when I first came downstairs in my La Salle basketball uniform as a freshman. Now before I read this part two things:

First of all – I only played basketball the one year at La Salle and after that stuck to cross country, swimming, and theatre.

And secondly, this thing that I’m about to share with you… what my father said …sounds outrageously cheesy and contrived, but if you ever knew my father at all, you would know that this is precisely the kind of thing he would say, and absolutely believe: “When you wear that uniform you aren’t just representing yourself. You are representing your team, your school, your family, and the countless others who have worn the name of La Salle before you.”

What does it mean to wear something that says “La Salle?”

It – in name-  identifies us as Lasallian. And being Lasallian comes with great responsibility. But this year…in a year of great grief, exhaustion, and pain… we don’t have as many opportunities to participate as we once did…in sports, in clubs, in person. But what we do have is an opportunity to continue to wear the name of La Salle proudly in what we do, what we say, and how we live.


Let us pray,

In this, our school’s 150th year, a year also filled with great trials, and grief, may we continue to remember who we are. May we show the younger and newer members of our community what itSt. John Baptist de La Salle – La Salle Worldwide | lasalleorg | Rome means to be Lasallian.

And may we repeat with intention each day.



St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle

Pray for Us

Live Jesus in Our hearts forever.

Trust in God’s Gift

Good Morning. Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God…

Saint Theresa of Avila told her fellow sisters that they were not entitled to anything. And that to even think about entitlement was like “getting a reptile in your head”. We hear this voice everyday. Entitlement Illustrations and Clip Art. 697 Entitlement royalty free illustrations, drawings and graphics available to search from thousands of vector EPS clipart producers.The reptile says to you “you’re entitled to be first, to get this, to have this.” When our lives get chaotic, it is because we feel things are going “off-script”. “I was supposed to get this promotion. I was supposed to get that role. I was supposed to get onto the team. I was supposed to get into my dream school. Events have to pan out the way I want them to go.” 

We are the center of our own universe. And when the road gets bumpy, we turn to God and say “God, please don’t let this happen to me.”

But what if that is exactly what is supposed to happen to us? What if the path we have chosen for ourselves is really an illusion, a myth? What if it is a story we have spun for ourselves that is not based in reality, but in fantasy? What if where we want to go isn’t where we are meant to be?God's Plan For Me

God has a plan for all of us, and although we claim we want to hear it, we really only want to hear it if it aligns with what we want it to be. This is something we all have to deal with, students and adults alike. It is hard to put your trust into something that may not turn out to be like what we see in the movies or on social media. But in reality, we cannot make things happen in our life. We can only meet the moment. 

If you look at the wonderful things you have, most of them, you had nothing to do with. Your talents, your height, your family, your life-circumstances, your name. None of it was created by you. Try this at some point today: If you look at someone who loves you, and you look at them when they aren’t looking at you, and you know that deep in their heart, their soul, by you being there in their life, their life is much better, much deeper, more meaningful… know that that is not something you can make happen. Their love for you is born out of something much greater than you or I could ever manufacture. That is God’s gift to us. Trust in that gift.

And so though we may not be entitled to anything, we are certainly worthy of all the good things that have come into our lives. Whatever our “wins” are here on earth, they will never be able to compete with the “win” we will have with God.

God's Gift to Us Church Bulletin | Christmas Bulletins

Let us pray… Dear God, let us put our faith in you, during this time, and everytime. Let us overcome our fears of the future and enjoy in hopeful anticipation the mysteries you will unfold before us. Let us remember the example you set with your Son, who trusted in you completely. 


Saint John Baptist de La Salle… Pray for us. 

Live Jesus in our hearts… Forever!

MORNING PRAYER: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Mr. Joseph DeLeo, Physical Education/Health/Dance Teacher

Let God Handle Some of the Load

Good Morning La Salle. Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of a loving God.

I am a worry wart! My kids tell me that all the time. I worry about a lot of things. I worry about my adult children and how they are feeling and how their work is going. I worry about my grandkids and if they are happy, healthy and safe.

Quotes motivation for life and happiness

I worry about my job sometimes and if I am giving it my all and reaching my students. And the list goes on…

It is human nature to worry or become fearful when life is in turmoil or out of control. I am sure that we are all worried about the state that our country is in right now and how the Pandemic has affected us all.

We all know someone who feels the need to be in control of everything so that they only rely on themselves for everything. I often wonder if they know how to let God handle some of the load they are carrying.

I sometimes think that there must be a storm going on inside of them as they try to handle the chaos of their lives. All of us have times when we see ourselves in that position. Our hearts are restless and our minds are full of anxiety.

We see and hear about upsetting stories every day that talk about turmoil some people have to endure. We see so many lives being lost to the Covid Pandemic. Four Eye-Catching Quotes

Whenever I hear about yet another  shooting, my thoughts go immediately to the compassion I feel for the victims BUT then my thoughts go to the shooter and what kind of turmoil and  raging storm is going on in their mind. 

When life feels heavy, it’s only natural to long for a sense of control. Our souls seek calm amid the storm; peace among the chaos. And yet, with each new day, we turn on the news and see another upsetting story unfolding halfway across the world or right in our own backyards.. 

The human need to somehow make sense of it all runs deep, even when the things that worry us are much bigger than ourselves, and our ability to control them feels non-existent.

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We need to be secure in the knowledge that God is in control. He has His hand on us. The power of prayer can be strong, whether we’re facing inner turmoil, conflict at home, or anxiety about the state of the world around us. For that reason, prayers for peace can bring us comfort in times when nothing else will and center our spirits by reminding us that paving a path towards a peaceful world starts within ourselves.

Lord we ask you to make us instruments of Peace in a world of chaos. We ask you to help us rely on the knowledge that You are with us always.


We pray this in Jesus’ name…

St John Baptist de Lasalle…Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our hearts…. Forever.

Morning Prayer: Mrs. Patricia Ducharme, Religion Department

A day of Hope, Courage, Compassion, and a Renewed Sense of Purpose

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.

Let us also take a moment this morning to remember and honor Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King dedicated his life to bringing awareness to the racial discrimination and injustice that has plagued this country for far too long.

Martin Luther King Jr Day Clip Art | Martin Luther King Jr Day 2016 | Jr art, Shepard fairey art, Shepard fairey

Justice too long delayed is justice denied; how true these words must ring to our brothers and sisters who have been marginalized by the evil forces of systemic racism and bigotry. The events of 2020 shed light on the reality that we still have a lot of work to do to further the cause of civil rights for all those who have waited far too long for their inherent human dignity to be recognized and upheld. As Lasallians, let us partake in that very mission and exhibit zeal in bringing about justice and equality for all citizens of this great country, and beyond. 


Today is Inauguration Day. A staple of our democracy. A day of hope. While this year’s inauguration may be overshadowed by turmoil, division, and the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with an ongoing pandemic, today let us choose to be people of prayer and people of hope. Let us pray for healing and reconciliation in our country and our world. Let us pray for our new President and elected leaders that God protect them and guide them to lead and serve with wisdom and compassion.1,045 Inauguration Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStock

In these divisive times, it is important to recognize that true freedom and justice come not from an allegiance to a particular side of the political aisle, but rather from learning to lean on and into Christ – Jesus is The Way of mercy, the Truth that sets us free, and the Life that does not perish. In this way we can not only guarantee our democracy will survive and thrive, but we can bring about God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. 


Free Grace Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart LibraryAs members of the Body of Christ, may we also lean on one another and support one another through these challenging times. If 2020 taught me anything, it is just how much we truly need one another, and together, with God’s grace, we can start this new semester with hope, with courage, with compassion, and with a renewed sense of purpose.


Let us pray,

Lord, as we begin this second semester of a very stressful and challenging school year, we pray for all our students and their families, and in a special way for our seniors. We ask that you bless their remaining time here at La Salle and help them to make the most of what this semester has to offer. And strengthen us today to choose hope, to put forth our best effort to support one another, and to be adaptable, that we may achieve our God-given potential as students, teachers, coaches, and administrators. 


Saint John Baptist de la Salle…Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever.

Morning Prayer:  Anthony Russo, Religion Department